Is it reasonable to use the same flooring throughout your home?

Is it reasonable to use the same flooring throughout your home?

When shopping for new floors, selecting something different from what you already have is not unusual.

Every room has a different need, challenge and priority. In addition, each flooring type has a different texture, height, and style.
Whether this flooring or another, it's inevitable that, at some point, two different surfaces will meet. Here's how to make it all work.

What is a floor transition?

As an example, say your bedroom opens into the bath. You might want carpet in the bedroom but tile in the tub.

Use carpet-to-tile transition strips to create an even surface between the two floorings. Ask the experts in the flooring store about the best one for your needs because there are many types of transition strips.

Why use a transition strip

Transition strips serve both aesthetic and functional needs. They give the room a finished look rather than having unsightly ragged edges on display.

Transition strips also add decorative touches. They're now available in wood, marble, and ornamental metal designs.

They also keep the floor edges from fraying, chipping, and breaking. The most important thing is that they provide safety to you.
There are height differences. People can easily trip over any overhangs.

Can I go without one?

The flooring company staff should answer this question. It varies from room to room, what with seams and expansion gaps.

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