Hardwood refinishing


Hardwood floor refinishing is an essential service

Hardwood floor refinishing is a standard service for those who have hardwood flooring and works to bring your floors back to a like-new appearance, even after years of wear and abuse. Wear usually happens after a few decades of constant use. To find out more about the service and its need, be sure to follow along with us here for more information.

Essential facts about wood floor refinishing

Unless you have extensive wear or deep gouges or scratches, you might not know if you’re ready for wood floor refinishing. If this is the case with your flooring, we can come out and assess the situation for a better idea of how much longer you have or if the service is past due. You are generally in need of refinishing services if your floors no longer shine or have the finish they used to have, if they soak up water or moisture quickly, or if there is apparent damage in heavily traveled walkways.

We will start with that assessment and let you know what to expect and discuss all your hardwood floor refinishing options as well. Sanding is the first part of the service when the process begins, followed by reapplying stain color. If you prefer, you can take this opportunity to change your stain color, as well as your finish.

The length of the process depends on the amount of wear or damage and the size of your home. Refinishing can take longer if the entire house needs the service or if there is extensive damage. Contact us today to find out more about your requirements.



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When you choose Majestic Flooring for your materials and services, we will ensure you have everything necessary for the results you want and need. We have years of experience, giving us an outstanding ability to meet your needs for any size project. Just share your requirements, and we will let you know how we can meet them and all the details to go with it. Our mobile showroom serves the Chicago Land Area and Northwest Indiana, including residents from Orland Park, IL, Tinley Park, IL, Frankfort, IL, Naperville, IL, and Oak Lawn, IL. We look forward to getting to know your hardwood floor refinishing needs so we can work to meet them. Let us know if you’re ready for sanding floorings and refinishing them to create a brand new look in your home by making a mobile showroom appointment with us.